Supporting and enabling a sustainable green economy governs all our activities

Together with our partners we help our clients in the private and the public sector, as well as the financial industry to develop and implement their (sustainability) vision and strategy. We also utilize our expertise and network to enable and grow a green economy in emerging economies through technology transfer.

Climate Change and Sustainability in the private sector

Sustainability and Climate Change in the public sector

Relevant themes within the public sector for which we can offer solutions are

  • Structuring of support mechanisms
  • Sustainability strategies for cities
  • Anchoring a sustainability culture within the public administration

Climate friendly and sustainable investments

Sustainable and climate friendly investments gain importance - especially with pension funds, charitable foundations and other charitable organizations. In cooperation with our partner South Pole Carbon, we offer climate impact assessments of equity and bond portfolios.

We assess the level of sustainability of listed companies on behalf of investors and engage in a stakeholder dialogue in partnership with BHP - Brugger and Partners. The methodology is based on the UN Global Compact principles und was developed by BHP - Brugger and Partners. 

We offer customized further education for young finance professionals in sustainable asset management and sustainable investments.

Enabling a green economy

Through technology transfer, Water Vortex Power Plants (up to 50kW) with Swiss technology will be built and installed in India. A documentary in Swiss TV SRF1 shows the huge potential for this technology (see also press release).

Are you interested to financially support this socially and ecologically high impact project? Get information at the AquaZoom website. 

The added value of Philanthropy, Microfinance and Greenhouse Gas Certificates can be combined to enhance the development of a green economy – with a focus on renewable energy production. A research project headed by Dr. Richard Vögeli at the University of Liechtenstein outlined the potential synergies.